American Made

Orders were shouted toward the crew that was already hard at work around them. Crates and barrels full of supplies were being taken ashore. The sounds of sails in the wind, heavy boots on the wooden deck, and ropes being stretched taut filled the scene. They tried their best to stay out of the way of the men hustling about. Everyone seemed in a hurry. “Out of the way,” a gruff bearded sailor shouted at them as he rolled a barrel of dry goods down the ramp. “You’ll get yourselves killed if you don’t watch out.” Sebastian and Johann grabbed their bags and quickly hustled over to the edge of the deck for a brief moment of safety. “Come along now boys,” another voice said. They turned and saw their father motioning for them to follow. He spoke the words in broken English. He had been trying to teach them this new language on their long journey. “Come along now,” he said again. This time he spoke in their native German so he was sure they understood. “There’s no returning to Weierbach now.” They carried with them what few belongings they had and followed their father down the ramp and onto shore. The streets were bustling with horses and carriages carting citizens from one place to the next. It was familiar in some ways, as many of their countrymen had journeyed here to build a home. But there was also something unique about this new world. Something they didn’t quite understand at first. This little city of Philadelphia was a mixture of both Englishmen, and lots of their German brethren. As well as Scotts, Irishmen, and others from every corner of the globe. But while they all so clearly held tight to the memories and rich history of their native lands, Sebastian and Johann would soon learn that all of these strangers were bound together under a unique new title. They were all now, American.



The story of our family is as old as America itself. Since first landing on the shores of Pennsylvania in 1740, the Brosius family has sought to build a life here. Our ancestors dug deep in the mines of coal country, toiled on the Midwestern farmlands, labored in the factories of the rust belt, and fought for liberty at home and abroad. But much like most men of yesterday, the sacrifices they made weren’t for their own profit or pleasure. They were made to create a future for their posterity.

Our goal is to carry on that tradition of the American spirit. To innovate and create just as past generations did. Brosius Brother’s Tool & Supply Co was originally conceived in the minds of my brother and I as we worked in the garage, forging knives for our many excursions into the wild. The idea had been shelved for over ten years before it was officially launched in 2016. It all began with little more than $100 and a passion to produce products that will not only serve you well, but which can be handed down to the next generation. All of the materials we use are made in America, and every item we sell is crafted entirely by hand in North Carolina.

We hope that you will find what you are looking for here, and that you will be proud to own a piece of American craftsmanship. If you have any questions, or are interested in getting a quote on a custom order, don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Very respectfully,

Joshua Brosius