The most brilliantly engineered and beautifully built structure will never last if the foundation is not properly laid. So when designing any of our products, we must start with the most quality materials available. And we will always purchase those materials from reputable American companies.

Our leather comes from one of the finest tanneries within our borders, Wickett & Craig. Making their home in Curwensville, Pennsylvania, these folks have been tanning some of the best leather money can buy since 1867. The leather of choice for our products is their full grain, tooling leather. Each piece of this vegetable tanned cowhide is a blank canvas allowing us to create a truly one of a kind item with every order.

If a customer so chooses, we can add some color to that canvas with Fiebing’s leather dye. Founded in 1895 by John Fiebing, this company continues to make some of the best dyes and saddle soaps available in the leather trade – all made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Having tried many different threads over the years from cotton to linen, every Brosius Brother’s item is now held firmly together with waxed, braided, polyester thread. This quality of thread is by far the most superior in strength and resistance to deterioration. Furthermore, we are proud to have a small family owned business in Minneapolis, Minnesota as our sole supplier of quality polyester thread.

Lastly, we provide a nourishing finish to every product with Chamberlain’s Leather Milk. Manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas, this rich ointment is highly regarded as one of the best leather treatment products available. After a single use, the smell and soft nature this product adds to our leather goods will have you hooked.



Every Brosius Brother’s product is thoroughly tested before being made available for sale. This quality testing not only ensures that your item will stand up to the rigors of daily use, but also that every product is practically functional for its intended purpose. Once a design has been tested and approved, a template is created, and the process of production can begin.

This process begins with a single hide which has been split to the exact material thickness required for our design. These hides are 100% full grain, giving you the peace of mind knowing that every product is of the highest available quality. Each piece is then cut by hand, which allows us the flexibility of altering or customizing orders if requested. It is at this point that a custom order can be made with a stain color of choice.

Once all of the pieces of the product are cut and checked for proper fit, the item is pre-assembled in preparation for stitching. This is accomplished by lightly bonding together the parts of the item which will be stitched. After everything is perfectly in place the stitching can begin.

The use of a fine diamond point chisel allows for the precision alignment of every hole that is punched. The item is then held tightly together with our polyester thread through the art of a method called saddle stitching. Although this process can be extremely time consuming to perform, the result is far superior in both strength and longevity to any machine stitching available.

Lastly, before leaving our shop, the new item is treated top to bottom with Chamberlain’s Leather Milk. Vegetable tanned leather can be extremely stiff and dry when new, and the application of this ointment aids in the softening of the new leather.


We sincerely believe that with the quality materials used, and with proper care of your new item, it will easily last beyond your lifetime. This is why we do not hesitate to stand behind our products 100%.

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