Every cut and every stitch of each Brosius Brother’s product is meticulously planned and executed by hand in order to pass on to you, the customer, a lifetime of hassle free use of your new item. Our desire is for each piece to see daily use in helping you accomplish your tasks as a man. And when that task is complete, for that item to be passed on to the next generation right along side the stories and lessons you have learned along the way.

In support of this effort, every product carries with it a lifetime guarantee. Whether by a mistake in my production, a defect in materials, or simply that the item wears out to the point at which it can no longer perform its intended duty, CONTACT ME and as long as I am still alive and physically capable of doing so, I will repair or replace the item free of charge. Along with this, we guarantee the product and not the person. Meaning that once an item is passed to your grandchildren, it carries with it the same warranty as the day it was new.

All the above is only voided by theft, loss of an item, or any damage from abuse, neglect, or irresponsible ownership. But should one of these unfortunate instances occur, contact me and I may be able to repair the item at a small fee. I reserve the right to use proper judgement when determining an abused or neglected item.